Raygun Revival… is dead.

Raygun Revival was a great site. I have to admit that I didn’t visit it as often as I feel I should have, and now I feel guilty that my not-reading helped cause the demise of one of the best sci-fi sites out there. What’s worse is that this post went up over a week ago and I didn’t even notice until today.

It was a site dedicated to fun science fiction — basically, to space opera. You love Han Solo or Captain Mal? This was the site for you. It’s also where I made my first sale lo those many years ago, back at their original site. They were awesome folks there.

So join me in lifting a glass to one of the great sites taking a bow and stepping back. They say they’re going to take another go in a year or three. I hope they do. I hope I hear about it so I can support them better this time. And while they’re gone, go check out their site. Read some great stories. Ponder anew the infinite, and remember to bring your raygun. Adventures await.

To Raygun Revival! To the Overlords!

We salute you.


This page has a very good wondering about the Christian speculative fiction market. If you like Christian science fiction, go read it — and make sure to check out the comments, which includes input from editors of Raygun Revival. An example from Johne Cook, whom I believe was the person who bought my first story:

I think it’s worth putting this idea out there: the overall question may be one of Calling. If you are a Christian editor or author, who do you write for? What is your focus? Who is your ultimate audience? If there is a failure of Christian Spec-Fic publications, perhaps it is because some of us were writing for the wrong audience. Granted, it is easier to preach to the choir, but is that what we were all called to do? I can only speak for myself – my calling was elsewhere.

For the purpose of clarity, I’m not saying there isn’t a place for Christian Spec-Fic. I really like what they’re doing at the Speculative Faith blog, and The Lost Genre Guild’s e-mail discussion group has seen a resurgence in recent months. Frank Creed recently published his third Christian Cyberpunk thriller. I just think it’s critical for authors and editors to ask God what and where they should be serving using their gifts. Some may be called to write for the flock, however, we all are subject to the Great Commission, and I think it’s easy to get caught up in the allure of writing for fun or for profit with an eye to Christian markets because that is our desire. God gifted us in the first place. I believe we have to know what He would have us do before we start to write.


  1. Thanks for the very kind sentiment! As you noted (and with a nod to Miracle Max), RGR is only mostly dead. Lord-willing, we’ll be back at some point down the road a little. In the meantime, someone else will have to spare your puny planet for awhile. 😉

  2. Um, that’s Westley, But chocolate is always good. If Overlord Johne hadn’t beaten me to a reply, I would have threatened to use the Big, Red Button™ as blackmail to get chocolate, *then* spared your puny planet. (Because I’m not giving up the Big, Red Button™ while we’re on hiatus.)
    I do join with my fellow Overlord in thanking you – we truly appreciate our readers (and writers).

    1. I suppose Wesley Crusher wouldn’t go to good in Princess Bride, huh? That would make the movie insufferable. All right. No more Wesleys! 🙂

      Wait a second — the Big Red Button is mobile? Man, you Overlords get all the good stuff.

      And hey — you did so much work over at RGR. Thank you for a place where I could read consistent good fiction that was simply fun.

  3. I came late to the party as part of the behind-the-scenes crew, joined the author gang a mite earlier than that, and earlier still was a delighted reader of this dandy magazine with the cool cover art.

    I already miss it, but life is made up of seasons, and — if and when RGR returns — I hope it’s to an eager audience awaiting more SF goodness served up with a healthy helping of guns and fun, and a side of cheese.

    1. I enjoy that phrasing — “with a healthy helping of guns and fun, and a side of cheese.” 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work as well!

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