This blogger has some good, direct thoughts on the concept of description, and avoiding the preponderance thereof. And he presents it in a witty and elegant manner. Reblogged here for educational purposes. Enjoy!

Book of the Darned

Back in the nineties, I was in a two-person writers’ group with another would-be novelist. M had a master’s degree in English and considerably better writing skills than I had. I learned a lot from her. She had agreed to judge the fiction-writing contest for high school students in the city where we lived. Our metropolitan area had a population of over a million, and she found herself buried under submissions. I offered to help.

We split the pile of manuscripts. I was to read the submissions in my half and look for stories that I thought were worth a second look by M, who would make the final decision.

All the submissions were read to the last word by at least one of us. You won’t find such courtesy in a commercial publishing house.

Some of the pieces were very good. One or two could have passed for the…

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