New Author, New Gimmick

Salutations, Seekers!  You might have noticed that this week we added another author to our growing list of authors!  We welcome Kenichi to the club!  Since he’s writing under a pen name, I won’t divulge what I know of his dark and mysterious background.  I’ll leave that to him.  But trust me, he will not disappoint you when it comes to delivering quality fantasy and science fiction.

Along with Kenichi comes an idea he posed to us – Saturday Serial!  He would like to lead the charge with this idea.  Every Saturday you’ll get a chunk of a longer term story.  Check back weekly!  And don’t forget, tomorrow we have Flash Friday!


2 thoughts on “New Author, New Gimmick

  1. Welcome, Kenichi! It’s good to have another regular contributor. 😉

    For clarity’s sake: Since “Doc Passion and the Floating City” didn’t start on Serial Saturday, I’m not planning on “moving” it there. However, once that tale wraps up, I’ll start my next one on Saturday to join the others that’ll be appearing there.

    Also, tomorrow’s Flash Friday. I’m tellin’ you twice!

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