The Dig



“These markings seem to portray…logic.”

Thltchk shifted closer, his antennae twitching.  “Look!”  Stchlk pointed to the wall.  “It’s writing!”

“You’re sure?”  Thltchk’s shell-wings shivered.

“They follow the patterns we’ve found before.  Repetition, groupings, spaces, similar shapes.”

“These giant creatures truly did display some intelligence.”

“Then how did they not survive the Bright Light that brought us such wisdom?  It never makes sense.”

“Don’t look at me.  I’m a Shaker.”

Stchlk rolled his huge black eyes as his four arms drooped with sadness.  “The Great Shake did not kill the Who-mans.  Our experts have proven–”

Thltchk hissed.  “Ignorant cockroach.”

Stchlk’s eating-pinchers tilted in a grin.  “Back atcha.”

FLASH! It’s Flash Friday, the day when Seeking New Earth authors write short stories up to 1000 words (“flash fiction”) or 110 words (“microfiction”). Both are sure to instigate the imagination and stimulate the synapses. Did you like what you read? Want to explore the story some more? Or maybe you want to try your own hand at some flash fiction? Leave us a comment below!



6 thoughts on “The Dig

  1. I like your new meaning for “Shaker.” I feel it’s a religious thing, though I suspect in this setting it may be more of an allegiance to a scientific view. Which is it?

    Well done. For others to note: Annabeth wrote this over a week ago, and then her computer ate it as she was about to post. She re-wrote and edited, remembering what she could I think she did a great job!

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