Flash Friday: Guest Post

As Mr. Clark bustled into the shop, a wiry man leaned into view.

“Can I help you, Mr…?”

“Yes, sir. Clark, sir.”

The owner half-smiled, “Come now, firsts are important!”

“Forgive me. My name is Christopher Clark. I am looking for a hat.”

Nodding, the wiry man said, “Follow me, if you would.”

Stepping into a bright side-room, Clark noticed a wide crate taking up much of the floor.

The man crouched, “Are you looking for a Thinking Cap? A Black Hat? No, you’re looking for an Old Hat.” He selected an ancient Bowler. “Take this. Give your comrades some old-fashioned advice; there isn’t enough to go around these days.”

Two guest posts in one week!? Inconceivable! This one was from Noah Arsenault, author of Heavenward Reviewsa blog dedicated to reviewing Christian media and general media from a Christian perspective.  


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