Flash Friday: Historical Revisionism

A frustrated history professor pulls out an old, leather-bound tome.  Idly he scratches his beard, dips a quill into an inkwell, and begins to write.

“‘History,’ I said, ‘is that critical area of study whereby we establish the facts of what happened by examining the various perspectives of those who lived it.  And if we can establish the facts of history, we can impact what happens today.’

‘In that’s the case,’ piped up one student, ‘then this is the most important class we can be taking.’

‘Now you’ve got the point!’ I said.”

As he scratched the final quotation mark, there appeared a lecture hall full of students.

FLASH! It’s Flash Friday, the day when Seeking New Earth authors write short stories up to 1000 words (“flash fiction”) or 110 words (“microfiction”). Both are sure to instigate the imagination and stimulate the synapses. Did you like what you read? Want to explore the story some more? Or maybe you want to try your own hand at some flash fiction? Leave us a comment below!


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