Flash Friday: History

“History,” said the important looking man behind the podium, “is not fact.  It is what the winners say it is. Therefore, history is fluid, and subject to interpretation.”

“If that’s the case,” piped up one student, “then isn’t this class entirely meaningless?”

“Now you’ve got the point!” said the professor.

So all the students left.

FLASH! It’s Flash Friday, the day when Seeking New Earth authors write short stories up to 1000 words (“flash fiction”) or 110 words (“microfiction”). Both are sure to instigate the imagination and stimulate the synapses. Did you like what you read? Want to explore the story some more? Or maybe you want to try your own hand at some flash fiction? Leave us a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Flash Friday: History

  1. “And to the one person who remained, the professor smiled. “And you got the other point,” he glowed. “You’re a winner. Want to write some history?”

    …no? Too much? 🙂

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