Flash Friday: Self Medication

“Was I sleeping?” Henry thought. Something seemed amiss. Henry carefully examined his small shop. Everything appeared orderly. Yet still, something wasn’t right. Henry exited his shop, and climbed the long flight of stairs to the ground level.

The arcade was completely destroyed. Trash and graffiti covered the half burnt down building. Beyond the knocked-down eastern wall sprawled a nuclear-blasted landscape. Henry stared in stunned silence until far-off rifle shots pierced the moment.

Henry felt something in his pocket. He removed a medicine bottle with a few pills left in it. In his own handwriting it said, “Henry! Take this!” So he did.

“Was I sleeping?” Henry thought. Something seemed amiss.

FLASH! It’s Flash Friday, the day when Seeking New Earth authors write short stories up to 1000 words (“flash fiction”) or 110 words (“microfiction”). Both are sure to instigate the imagination and stimulate the synapses. Did you like what you read? Want to explore the story some more? Or maybe you want to try your own hand at some flash fiction? Leave us a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Flash Friday: Self Medication

  1. So: either that’s powerful meds that physically place him back in his shop, or they’re powerful psychotropics that make him think he’s back in his shop. Either way, the meds have set up a loop — maybe the meds actually shove his consciousness back in time, but only by a little bit?

    Lots of possibilities here.. I do like the note: “Take this!” It makes me wonder who wrote the note. Was it him?

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