Weeping Wednesday and the Weeping of Women

Don’t force me to be in the book! Please! I beg you!

Welcome to Weeping Wednesday, where we present to you writing that makes us cry, whether from beauty, banality, or simple botches. 

This little section needs no introduction, I think.

General Chi finally woke up from his sleep. He woke from the crying of the naked clad women in his tent and he smiled once he realized what had awakened him.

I suspect the women are crying not because of big bad General Chi, but because they’ve been caught up in this terrible story. And what exactly does “naked clad” mean, anyway? Perhaps their plight of unknown dress has caused them distress.


2 thoughts on “Weeping Wednesday and the Weeping of Women

  1. My rewrite below… I took some liberty, lacking context and all…

    The sound of laughter echoed in General Chi’s head, the last sensation of the night’s dreams. Propping himself up on his bed with his elbows, Chi frowned. The laughter wasn’t from his dream… he could still hear it. Pulling the covers up over his body for warmth, he twisted onto his side and realized it wasn’t laughing at all. The naked women chained down in his tent were quietly sobbing to themselves. A maleficent grin slowly cracked across Chi’s twisted face as he relished over their lament.

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