“Don’t Be Selfish” — visual microfiction

A while ago I posted an example of an extremely short story that breaks the heart. I’d like to share another one. This is “Don’t Be Selfish” by Wenqing Yan. Warning: this is heartbreaking. 

Please take a moment to visit the author’s page, which also gives the background of the comic… and how it is true.

It is amazing how repetition can emphasize the heartbreak here. “Don’t be selfish” is something that does need to be said to sinful human beings over and over again… but that phrase should never be used to justify one’s own selfishness, either, which is where it ends up here.

You don’t need to have a long story to strike the heart. Microfiction can work just as well.


5 thoughts on ““Don’t Be Selfish” — visual microfiction

  1. It’s exactly like, “Be humble towards each other.” Many people will say that, or something like it, to justify them treating others like doormats. But these moral lessons should never ever be excuses for the wrong that is being done.
    Thanks for the post, Jon.

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