Our Future Dystopia


About a month or so back, Ken noted that Halo doesn’t really present a good future… a mankind united wouldn’t make for a good time, after all.

I wanted to simply link to author Mike Duran’s blog, where he notes that dystopias much more reflect our future. In his words:

The genre of dystopian films and fiction reinforces a vital biblical theme —Man is broken.  History and personal experience bear this out. Society crumbles because WE have. Which is why we keep returning to gaze at the awful vision.

It is our future.

Dystopia far more accurately reflects the human condition than does utopia. 

Go click over to his blog to read more.

So, science fiction in general… at least these days, I see more dystopian nightmares than Star Trek dreams. What do you think? What do you see in science fiction?

And would our local Vance experts chime in? How does Dying Earth fit in with this?


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