Moving on…

Well, it’s done.  My master’s work, that is.  I suppose I shouldn’t speak too soon;  I still have the Critical Dialogue, which is where the professors talk to me about my portfolio and ask me all kinds of questions and end it by telling me if I passed.  If I didn’t, I have two more weeks of work ahead of me (a last chance to get it right).  But honestly, I’m not worried about that. I did the work, I think I’m in good shape.

So where does that leave me?  It’s been two years of my life now focused on this educational journey, and it has consumed so much of my free time and mental energy.  Even when classes weren’t in session, there was work to do, and always the debate, “To spend my free time doing homework, or something else…?”

Now, I get to move on…

I decided, though, that I formed some good habits.  I got into a good habit of organizing my homework time so that each day of the week I had a different focus.  Of course, not every week could be completely consistent, but it did help keep me moving.

I plan to keep that habit going, but now with my writing.  I have it figured that if I write for even half the amount of time per week that I used to work on homework, I should be able to get in a solid 7-10 hours of writing a week.  And to keep it organized and moving, and avoid falling into any ruts, I’m going to give myself a schedule:

Sunday – Blog posts

Monday – Novel

Tuesday – Novel

Wednesday – Word vomit

Thursday – Flash fiction

Friday – Novel

Saturday – Short story

I think this pattern will really help keep me moving, and it will avoid the problem of debating what to write on any given day.  I reserve the right to shift gears without notice if I get a bee in my bonnet on something.

I also plan to really dig into reading some of the books I’ve been amassing on writing.  As Orson Scott Card has said, writing is 10% talent, 10% inspiration, and 80% craft, and craft can be learned.  So while there are all kinds of people out there who will insist that the best writers didn’t learn it from books, and you can’t learn to be creative from a book, well, that doesn’t mean there’s no value to reading them, right?  I often have found that I gain a lot of inspiration and sharpness in my writing when I’m reading a book about writing.

So, faithful reader, what does that mean for you?  Well, hopefully it means more content.  And hopefully it means more quality content.  I don’t promise to post everything.  In fact, novel writing will be kept to myself for sure, and possibly some of the short stories as well, as they could have future value for publication.  I will be reposting some of the stories I posted long ago, in cleaned up, sharper, more awesomer form.  I will be writing more, and as I’m writing more, you will be reading more.

So there.

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