Flash Fiction: A Hole in Reality

“Eureka!” cried Dr. Grayvey.  “Ever since my father mysteriously disappeared, I have tried to find a way to bring him back,” he proclaimed to no one in particular.  “Now I think I finally have found the secret for following him!”

With an exultant cry, he flipped a switch and pressed a button. Immediately, the very fabric of reality was rent before him.

Abruptly, a man in flowing robes, like cloth of gold, with hair and beard as white as snow, stepped out of the hole.

“Did you think I wouldn’t be there too?” the man asked. He shook his head. “You people really need to stop messing with this stuff.”

With that, he put a hand on the reality distortion device, which whined to a halt, then stepped back through the hole as it contracted to nothing.


5 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: A Hole in Reality

  1. I think I’d like this more if you “tuned” the scientist’s intent and the angel’s (God’s?) response. The scientist wasn’t trying to escape, assuming the narrative up above can be trusted.

    If the scientist was trying to find “proof” or something like that, but if his aspiration is simply to locate his missing father — how does that synch up with the angel’s reaction? I DO like the angel just waiting there annoyed, though. That was great!

    1. This was sort of a continuation from a previous flash fiction I had done that had a similar tone. I think it was titled “Too far back” or something like that. So, putting it in that context, I think it all makes a little more sense. But as I noted to you separately, this was not my finest piece, and too way more work to produce than it’s worth.

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