Creative Atrophy

Like Steve Rogers before any testing, my creativity muscles are pretty darn weak, but still spunky. Yes. Spunky.

I took a few weeks off from posting on the blog, except for Flash Fridays. My intention was to write ahead on my impending Saturday Serial so I had at least the bulk of it done before the end of the month.

I hadn’t written fiction in a real way since November. Any fiction I posted here other than Flash Fridays had been written well ahead of time. And then, in early January, I got sick. I wasn’t deathly ill, but sick enough I couldn’t concentrate on writing. By the time I actually sat down to write… nothing would come forth. Not even crap.

Did you know that the ability to write, like any skill, can atrophy?

Stupid computer! If you do not poop out magical stories of wonder, I will eat you WITHOUT barbecue sauce!

It’s like learning a language. I learned Latin in high school. Now, if you put some Latin in front of me, I might remember some of the real common words like et and puella. In general though, I’m not going to be able to read much. I haven’t used my Latin skills in years; those skills are atrophied to the point of death.

My skills of creativity and craft atrophied in the about two months I didn’t use them for fiction. My writing skills haven’t vanished; I use them every week as I prepare sermons and Bible studies. However, that’s a very different use of the same skill set. They still require imagination, sure, but that imagination is bent to illustrate concrete truths.

Over the last couple weeks, I sat down to write, and struggled to get anything out. I need to get back in the saddle. I need to exercise those creativity muscles again.


And just like old people exercising, it may not be pretty.

I’ve decided, rather than working on something longer-form, I’m going to spit out a whole bunch of short stories. Not necessarily microfiction, but probably shorter than typical flash fiction.

Every day for this week, I’ll be posting short fiction. We’ll see what happens. I’m going to try and do this for at least two weeks. Maybe I’ll keep it going longer. Maybe not. Either way, the exercise will do my creativity muscles some good.

For this first week, every short fiction will take place in the same universe: a child’s room.

Let me know what you think. Share your thoughts on the craft of the short fiction and the creativity involved – or lack thereof! I want to get better, and practice will do that. So will critiques.

So, I’m back! Let’s hope being back equals not just more posts, but better posts!

Here’s to a brighter tomorrow, or me slipping off my meds and hallucinating something fantastic!

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