Nation of the Child: The Sword

My lord has forsaken me.

How I dishonored him that he would cast me aside as an unworthy retainer, I do not know. I am as eager and able to serve as the day he received me. He has denied me any chance to duel the gaijin. He has denied me my right.

I was his soul. He wielded me with finesse and power. Though I am only plastic, we vanquished so many foes. We slew the Monster under the Bed. We smote the Closet Beast. We banished Fearsome Shadows. We would go on to defeat even greater enemies.

But now he has a glowing green blade that produces its own sounds. I am but a simple, honorable, samurai blade, over a year old.

And in honor, even in disuse, even cast aside, I will serve my lord. Under the bed, I will wait for his hand.

I await in dust.

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