Nation of the Child: Guardian

He loves me in secret.

During the day he hides me away. In our youth, we would run through the sun-lit woods. We would build palaces of twigs and fortresses of dust. I met lords from other nations and bowed down to them. While they feasted on sandwiches of peanut butter and jelly, I would conference with the other favored friends.

But no more.

During the day, our lord goes forth to face his foes without me. I cannot serve him in the light any longer. He will not allow it.

But when the night comes… he cannot sleep without me. He finds me in the secret places. He retrieves me and holds me close. I cannot guard him anywhere else, but his dreams will be safe.

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3 thoughts on “Nation of the Child: Guardian

    1. Thanks! I kind of had in my head that pic that went around the intertubes a little bit ago that showed a teddy bear standing up to an alien monster thing while a boy slumbered in his bed.

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