Nation of the Child: Futuresabre

Yes, I’m a toy. So what? I’m the best toy. The Child says so. And that is all that matters.

The Child has good taste.

What other toy can do what I do? What other toy could slay the Cyber-Boogeyman? That old plastic Sword under the bed? He was good for the younger nightmares, but I’m much better for new threats.

I may be plastic too, yes, but I make my own sounds. I shake with light and energy. My green blade slices through anything in existence or imagination. I am the ultimate weapon.

Nothing can stop me. No toy. No nightmare.

Yes, my batteries are running out. That’s all right. I’m sure the Child will replace them and all will be well.

Yes, I’m sure he will.


Maybe tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Nation of the Child: Futuresabre

  1. I like how this contrasts with the other one. The old sword has a dignity and a sense of wisdom cultured by age, whereas this one is still full of youthful braggadocio. It works really well. It’s almost a commentary on our times, too, isn’t it? “Bah, forget meaning and purpose and symbolism… I’m cool! That’s all that matters!”

    1. Heh. I was just trying for a very different personality — one that wasn’t “Buzz Lightyear” but still very much reveling in what it is for the moment.

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