Nation of the Child: Visitor

Traveling abroad refreshes the soul. My Child brought me here for an exchange program, obviously. The natives have treated me well. The Sword has such a level of chivalry that I feel like a real lady. The Train reminds me of old Betsy Crocker, the Elder Doll from my own Child’s nation. Always on time, always something to do! The Tiger constantly expresses concern I return safely to my nation, but I am not worried. My Child will come get me when I have learned all I am meant to learn.

I worry that she might have sent me here to learn love. She is always so concerned for my sisters and I. We practice weddings so often!

But I look around. While there are a number of attractive specimens to look at, I find that so few have that grace that my Child has trained me to look for. The Sword, of course, who lays under the bed with me most days, but he would hardly make a good mate for me. Imagine, a doll and a sword, together as husband and wife!

So I continue to learn every day. I have learned many lessons. I wonder what I will learn today?

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