Under the Bed

A Child cannot learn courage until he has learned fear. I mean to teach the Child courage. He will need it.

Every night I lurk under the bed, reborn from evening shadows. Every night I reach to grab ankle or hand.

As he grows, I become darker. As his abilities improve, my threat becomes greater and greater. Once a simple plastic blade defeated me. Now the Child has turned to a futuresabre. Soon he must learn to stand up to me with his heart the only weapon.

If one is to be a hero, he must have dangerous villains. And I mean to make sure the Child becomes a great hero.

I love him. I want only the best for him, and so I must be his greatest enemy.

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3 thoughts on “Under the Bed

  1. This is a great way to portray the monster under the bed. Never would have thought like that. I love how each of these you have surprised us with a different idea than the standard.

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