From the Closet

When they caught me, they didn’t me cast me aside like those under the Bed. They didn’t exile me to the Hall or even cast me aside to the Trash. No, they imprisoned me in the Closet.

That was so many Children ago. The citizens of this Child’s nation forget that he was not the first, and he will not be the last. This room has held many who feared me. I have faced many Guardians, like the shabby tiger that this Child still secretly loves.

This Child will fail as so many have before.

I will feast on his memories of all his friends. He will forget all his citizens. His nation will fall to Adulthood.

And then… they will be mine.

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3 thoughts on “From the Closet

    1. Pretty much just a boogeyman… though one that’s older than this child. Unlike all the other toys and monsters in the Nation, this one is older. That makes him a bit more of a threat… as we’ll see.

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