From the Window

Don’t turn on the light, Child.


We dance in moonlight and starlight and any light at all from the outside, but if you flip that switch, if you illuminate your nation, we cease to be. Why would you deny us that right?

All we want is to dance. We do not mean to threaten. We are sorry we scare you, Child. It is not our fault that we can only be cast at night. But have no fear, Child, we cannot hurt you. Shadows can harm no one, though you can harm us.

Why would you hunt us with your flashlight? Why would you destroy us with your power?

Instead, Child, welcome us. We invite you to dance with us. Come. We beckon.

We cannot harm your feet. Never mind the Legos strewn across the floor. They do not harm us. How could they ever hurt you? Never mind your father’s instruction of sleep. We make no sound. Nor shall you. He will never discover you.

You may ignore our invitation, if you must. But we beg of you:

Don’t turn on the light.

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