On the Floor

They created me evil.

They needed another evil to threaten the Allied Crusaders, so some smart guy cobbled me together. The courage of a tyrannosaurus rex, the tenacity of a triceratops, the fierceness of a pterodactyl, the shrewdness of a velociraptor, and the wisdom of a wooly mammoth! No hero could stop me.

And then I was brought into the Child’s nation. He has no idea the threat I represent.

The first day, he chopped me down with that Sword. Then he faced me off against a Quasar Tank. That show’s not even on the same network as mine! Does he have any grip on reality?

The third day, I went in the bin with all the others. Not just Allied Crusaders or Quasar Tanks, but Baron Destructos and Peregrine Far-Cries, too! Just a mash-up of whatever the Child wanted to play with one day and cast aside the next.

I’ll have my revenge, though. They created me to be evil, and I’ll live up to that promise. I’ve snuck out of the bin. I’m struggling across the floor.

And the Child. Oh, yes. When I get to him, he’ll pay for forgetting me.

He’ll pay.

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