From the Hall

“What do you mean, he got bullied again? No. No boy of mine is just going to run away and hide in his room.

“Look at him! He’s still got that stupid tiger!

“Travis! Wake up! Ow! Stupid Legos!

“You’re done with the tiger, all right? No more little stuffed animals. It’s time for you to grow up. I’m sick of having a pussy for a son. You can’t hide in your room anymore. You’re going to stand up to those bullies.

“So what if you get a black eye? Man up!

“Stop crying. Men don’t cry.

“We’ll talk in the morning.

“No! The tiger’s gone. He’s going in the trash!”

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3 thoughts on “From the Hall

  1. Yikes. This one just brought this whole series up a few notches on the serious scale. I don’t know… I liked the whimsy involved in all the others, that whole tone, but this one really sets a darker mood. I’m hoping you will turn it around into something awesome in the end.

    1. I struggled with this one a little bit — I wanted to make the dad at least somewhat relatable, but still having a reason to take away the Guardian. It goes directly into the next week of stories, though, so… well, we’ll see. The next week goes darker, but hopefully comes out the other side well. As the Monster under the Bed said, you can’t have courage unless you have something to fear.

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