Despair from the Futuresaber

I’ve slain Shadows and Monsters under the Bed. I’ve taken the Child to forests made of sand and islands that are giant frogs. We’ve saved the galaxy countless times, my Child and me.

Tonight was not my fault.

I wasn’t designed to stand up against the Child’s Father. It says so right on my package. I’m not meant to fight against flesh and blood! I can destroy any imagined enemy, but not someone real!

I really am a toy. I accepted that.

But now I see how small a toy really is.

Who cares if I can make sounds? What’s the big deal if my green blade whooshes through the air? If I can’t help the Child when it counts, I’m nothing. I’m a fake.

Yes, the Boogie Man comes again.

Don’t bother me. I’ll be in the corner. I can’t fight against real threats. What makes you think I can do anything against the size of the Child’s imagination?

You can read more of the Nation of the Child here

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