Honor from the Sword

Child! Remember me!

I stand by you! I will not betray you! Remember your retainer!

Take me in your hand! Recall that I am your soul! Your trusty blade, your katana, forged from the strength of your imagination, able to stand against countless ronin! I will not abandon you! I will fight on when all hope is lost!

Here I am! Under your Bed! Call on me!

The Evil from the Closet comes. He has no honor. He tells you lies. A lord shall remember his retainers and honor them! You are a good lord! Remember who you are!

Yes! It feels good for you to wield me again. This is proper. This is the way things should be. The two of us, united against all your foes.

Your fury drives me. We shall destroy this devil from the closet! He cannot harm you when you strike with me!

We draw first blood. The beast withdraws, licking the wound on its dark, dark hand. I taste his blood like charcoal. Strike again! Ha! Another scar across his face, to match the countless I’ve given him before in golden days! Again!


The creature moves too quickly! He has your hand! I cannot strike if your arm cannot move!

Child! No!

I feel the pain in your wrist as he forces you to drop me.

My lord! My Child! I’ve failed you!

Even in defeat, I will honor you, my lord. I serve you.

I will call another to defend you. Another I know. He loves you well, though you never knew.

The one who lives Under the Bed, the monster that I have slain before! Rise! Protect your Child! Do not let the one from the Closet have him!


You can read more of the Nation of the Child here


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