Rage from Beneath the Bed

You shall not have him!

The Child has learned fear. Tonight he learns courage!

I stand with you Child, and over you. I protect you. This little thing from the closet shall not touch you.

And if you know you cannot fail, why should you tremble? If you know that you have the victory, shouldn’t you roar with lions? Stand with me! You don’t need your faithful servant. You have your heart. You are strong enough to defeat me. Now use that strength against him!

Creature from the closet, you are powerful. You have outlived so many Children here. You are older than me, yes. But now I have come. I have all the strength of this Child’s imagination. I have all the strength of his heart.

And his heart is not yet tamed by the likes of you. His father has not yet enslaved him to reality.

Child, now. Strike now!

Ha! Go whimpering back to your cage. The closet is not your lair to plot the next darkness. It is your prison, and you will stay there now. You are not welcome here!

Child, yes, I will guard you now, as even the tiger did.

Now, sleep. In peace. Nothing more will harm you tonight.

I will see to it.

You can read more of the Nation of the Child here


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