No More the Villain

As the Child goes, so goes his nation.

When the one Beneath the Bed leaped to the Child’s rescue, everything changed. Suddenly I’m a hero. Suddenly I protect the Child. At least, that’s the position he assigned me. I suppose it makes sense. After all, the courage of a tyrannosaurus rex, the tenacity of a triceratops, the fierceness of a pterodactyl, the shrewdness of a velociraptor, and the wisdom of a wooly mammoth might come in handy for anyone, not just for evil.

It’s hard some days. They made me to be evil, but that’s not how the Child sees fit to use me. I was made for his pleasure. He can change my purpose, I suppose.

Some days I pretend I’m a traitor, lulling him into a false sense of confidence. I can get back at him for forgetting me. If he only he gives me the chance, then I can strike.

And then he picks me up and uses me against the Emperor of Smiles, and I know all is well. Yes, the Emperor had been a favorite hero. But the Child cheers when he uses me to send him to prison. He congratulates me and throws me in the air when I conquer his new foes. He even makes me fight the Sword, the old favorite!

I look like a monster, yes. But now? Now the Boy knows me as a hero.

My revenge can wait a little longer.

For now, I’ll protect him. If my time for vengeance comes, when my time for vengeance comes, I’ll strike. Until then, he is my Child, and no other may hurt him.

You can read more of the Nation of the Child here


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