No More the Hero

Who has the greater honor: the one who obeys a good and kind master, or the one who obeys a wicked master?

Which is the Child?

What became of him? Once the Child saw that the Monster Beneath the Bed protected him, he accepted all who are like him. Those things he once loved he cast aside. He embraced those things he once hated. His love makes them good, even as monstrous they remain.

Does that make my lord evil?

Yet, the Child is my lord. I must serve him. Now he needs a new villain. Now he sets me against his new champion, the Futuresaber.

I will honor him even as I battle against him. I will be the best villain I can be.

But if I remain honorable yet battle against him, is he the wicked master or am I the wicked retainer?

Read more of the Nation of the Child here


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