No More the Rage

“Son, Dustin, I wanted to talk to you.”

The Child turns away. He does not respond.

“I wanted to say that I’m proud. You’ve really turned around. You’re standing up to those bullies, now. You’re facing them. And yeah, they’re scary, but you’re showing them that they can’t just push you around. Good job.”

The Child stiffens at his father’s touch.

“I wanted to tell you something, though. Anger… anger’s a dangerous thing. It can make you do stupid things. If you have anger without honor, it only leads to pain. That’s why I got you that samurai sword last year. I wanted you to learn about their code, their way of life. I wanted you to stand up to the bullies, but to do it with honor.

“I’m worried, son. You’re always so angry. You need to let it go.”

The Child does not respond.

The father stands to go, stepping over action figures and half-destroyed dolls. He turns at the doorway. “I don’t want you to be like me.”

Read more of the Nation of the Child here


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