The New Tiger

The Child’s father commissioned me for an impossible task, but tigers specialize in the impossible. It’s what we do.

The Child has a tiger-shaped hole in his heart. I cannot fill it. Every tiger is unique. His tiger had been chewed on and beaten and befriended and clawed and drooled on… I am yet new. I cannot be who he was. The Child knows that. He sees things the father cannot see.

The old tiger was the Guardian; there’s a new Guardian now. He performs his functions well. I have no desire to take another’s position.

I cannot be who the father wishes me to be. Yet, perhaps, I can bring healing to a broken heart and a broken home. I will not guard this child, but I may yet bring joy.

Every boy needs a tiger, and every tiger needs a boy. I am not your old Guardian, Child, but I can still be your friend. I know your father has hurt you. He never meant to. Someone took his tiger away when he was young. He thought that was how you make a man: by taking the tiger away.

He didn’t know the truth: A boy becomes a man when his tiger has taught him to roar.

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