“The Cosmic Samurai cannot be defeated!”

“Dad! Sir Tiger clawed off your armor so my futuresaber can cut you in half!”

“No! Never! My sword can cut through anything, even your futuresaber!”

“Oh yeah? Take this!”

“No! You threw the tiger!”

“Sir Tiger can jump!”

“Oh, he’s got me! I can fight him back though! Sir Tiger can’t protect you!”

“He distracted you! It was a trick! Take that!”

“Oh! You killed me! No!”

The citizens watch with approval. The nation is at peace again. The Child’s father has shown his sincerity. He has returned not as enemy, not as traitor, but as father.

Toys can teach a child many things. Some of those things are necessary, yes. But some things cannot be learned within the nation the Child imagines and to which he gives life. No, a Child needs something else.

It takes a father to raise a man.

Read more of the Nation of the Child here


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