Fall of a Nation: Prelude

Children fear the night. Their parents slumber. Darkness looms. Shadows laugh. The Boogie Man breathes out his threats. Only their imagination protects them, as it gives life to their toys. Children fear the night because they believe they are alone.

Toys fear the day. No child’s imagination can give them life to fend off the Boogie Man’s monstrous appetite. Their only hope: The lingering sparks of imagination will give them enough life to guard them.

This Child had given his toys stories.

Now the creature of the closet stirs. The Child has spent time with his father. Their relationship is strong. For months now, their bond has grown, and the citizens have weakened.

It is time. The monster lurks.

The Child is at school. He cannot protect the citizens of his nation.

A dark hand opens the door. Cold light fills the room, spilling from a clouded sky through a frosted window.


Read more of the Nation of the Child here


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