Nation of the Child: Mission Complete

Honestly, it’s nowhere near that apocalyptic.

No new post for “Nation of the Child” today… because I think I’ve completed it. Granted, there could be a lot more stories about the Child and his father now, but after last week’s five-parter, I feel the plots are wrapped up.

But that made six weeks – six of them! – where I posted new fiction every single weekday. That’s thirty new fiction stories that all wrapped together into one larger story. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I’ve received some comforting feedback about it. The purpose of this exercise was to get my creativity muscles moving again… and I think it’s succeeded for me. I’ve written another flash fiction I’ll be submitting for paid publication elsewhere, and I’ve got solid ideas for more.

But back to “Nation of the Child” for a moment.

I think the reason it worked so well on my end was the true bite-sized chunks. I didn’t aim for perfection each time; I just had to get something out. At the beginning, it was simply little character introductions. Then we injected some plot. The entire thing grew.

It reminded me a lot of the daily newspaper comic strips – think Dick Tracy or Prince Valiant. Every “episode” moved the plot forward but in some way had to stand alone. I enjoyed that style of writing and may attempt it again in coming weeks and months. Maybe I’ll purposely construct the next series that way for greater longevity. I don’t know. We’ll see. Either way, I didn’t start the series with that in mind, but the last three weeks or so I had the arc of a week-long story done in snippets firmly in mind.

Learn this lesson from Prince Valiant: You can never go wrong with giant lizards.

The concluding week, of course, endeavored to wrap up all the storylines. I had to finish mending the bond between father and son, defeat the Boogie Man, return to the Monster under the Bed, and at least touch on the Sword, the Futuresaber, and the Visitor. The only one I fell I botched was the Visitor; it would have been nice to include her in the actual climax somehow. Ah, well.

What did you think? Did you find this “saga” enjoyable? Do you like the format? Let me know.

In other news, there won’t be new fiction for me for at least a few weeks on the blog. I’ve been saving up articles online that I want to comment on as well as share some non-fiction entries. The blog is hereby released from the stranglehold “Nation of the Child” held on it. You may go about your day.


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