Look at Your Library

Every spine a story…

One of my favorite columnists is Greg Hatcher. He’s caused me to post in reaction to his writing before. In a few recent articles, he’s written brief reviews of books that just happen to be sitting on his bookshelf. He writes this:

 Trust me, collectors, it’s fun to re-acquaint yourself with the stuff you already own. If you haven’t done it lately, I really recommend it; if you have a collection of any size at all, you’ll probably surprise yourself with a bunch of nifty items you’d forgotten you had, and it almost feels like getting a surprise gift. It feels like that for me, anyway.

I have the blessing of living in a house large enough to dedicate one entire room to books. It’s a wonderful thing. And every time I walk into that room, it’s like opening pirate treasure. This many books make me shiver and sigh. So many stories. So many adventures. Where to begin?

Oh, and I also have the curse blessing of a Nook, allowing me access to even more novels. I’m just finishing up a novel on there and picked up another on the cheap.

When we put up the library months ago, we were able to finally open up boxes of books that had been in storage. I had forgotten so many of those old books. My Bride and I pulled out tome after tome, exclaiming with memories of this or that story. Very little can delight a reader as much as rediscovering old favorites. What a pleasant surprise to see what had excited me years ago! What a pleasant surprise to discover even more tales unread, begging for covers to be opened and released upon my imagination!

So, let me urge you with Hatcher: Go take a look at what you own and surprise yourself with some nifty stuff.

And then let me boast a little: I get to do that every time I walk into my library.

Hee hee!


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