Star Wars and Christian Writing in one Swell Package

How many pastors write books that include references to Star Wars that require deeper-than-pop-culture knowledge of the subject, yet remain completely orthodox?

Jonathon Fisk’s Broken is an excellent read. I’ll have a review of it up on my blog dedicated to pastor-ly things in a day or so. But in the meantime, I wanted to spotlight something about the book over here and make an application to writing.

Fisk writes a book that tackles a number of “Christian” rules that many churches buy into. He dissects the rules and shows how they’re not Christian at all. The book requires an honest look at both self and what my church teaches.

And then it talks about Star Wars.

Fisk is a bit of a geek and he lets that nerd flag fly, even in a book aimed at conservative Christians. Let this be lesson #1 of good writing from this book: Be yourself as you write.  If you’re a geek, let that geekiness through.

Fisk also knows pop culture. He knows current and older popular songs and movies. He lets that knowledge through as he talks. He knows his target audience and is able to talk to them because they share interests. Writing lesson #2: Know your target audience and share their interests. If you’re not interested in general fiction, don’t write it. If you’re a science fiction geek and you’ve read up on it, write that. You know what that audience wants because you’re one of that audience!

On a similar note, Lesson #3: Get your head out of your keyboard and look around every once in a while. That also includes getting your head out of any other bodily orifice it might find itself and get out of your usual hidey-holes. Find out what’s happening in the culture around you. Knowing what’s happening will help your writing as well as helping you find an audience. Fisk knows what’s happening.

All right. That’s pretty much it – just wanted to share some writing tips I observed from a great book. It’s not usual fare for this blog, but I’ll still recommend it to you! Like I said, the review will be up over at my other blog soon!

3 thoughts on “Star Wars and Christian Writing in one Swell Package

  1. Wait…a Christian book with Stars Wars?!

    To quote Star Wars: “No….No. That can’t be. That’s impossible!”

    Sounds interesting.

    1. You would enjoy the book, Nick — it’s very pop-culture savvy and geeky, using a good variety of examples to show Jesus. Full review will be up over at Ordained for Growth in the next day or two. 🙂

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