A World Not Our Own

“No matter how cold the world–no matter how much we struggle to survive in it–this world is not our goal.”

That’s not my quote. Dan Italiano left that comment on Dying Songs, and it blew me away enough that I wanted to highlight it in its own post.

How often do we forget that? How often do writers in particular forget this? We labor to make our own little worlds. Our own creations, our own places to make characters and settings and plots. Yet, those worlds are not our goals. Any world we create will not only be inferior to what God has created in the real world, and this world is far inferior to the one that is to come, where there is no sorrow or pain or death.

Our characters, if we create Christian characters, at least, do not long for their created world. They want to be somewhere else. Do we always allow our characters to seek a place outside their story? Do we allow them to look beyond?

All right, maybe I’m getting a little meta here, but go with me for a while.

We live a story written for us by Another. Sure, we can fight against the Author, and often do. We don’t want to live out the story he’s laid out for us. We think we have better ideas. We think we’ve got a better happy ending in mind.

Yet, our story doesn’t end in this story, but in his. His desire is to take us out of this world’s story and into his. Granted, we pass through this world to get to the next. There’s no skipping ahead here! We pass through this world, through this story, but the goal isn’t this story but a whole different book filled with new worlds and new adventures that have no sorrow and no end.

In a way, we’re characters in a book that long to be in a different book.

Keep that focus: this world is not our goal. We long for a world that God himself has prepared for us. We look for a place that God has promised on his own life to us.

And if that’s our focus… what is the focus of our characters? Will they look beyond the stories you have set for them? Will they look beyond?

Is the world you created their goal – or is there a world beyond?


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