We don’t need no stinkin’ illustrations!

It’s really rather plain, isn’t it?

Have you noticed the blog has been lacking pictures of late?

Yeah. I’m not sure why Brandon’s doing it — or, at least, we haven’t talked about it. I can say why Snow and Smoke has been lacking in the picturage lately, though.

When we got to the point that it took about as long to find an appropriate picture as it did to write the stinkin’ entry, I figured it was time to let the picture go. And, really, does a good story need a picture? Does every blog post need a picture?

Not really, no.

And yet… yet, I gotta say, when I look at our front page, it looks so very bare. Those pictures help break up the page and give a little image to hang an imaginative hat on. Should I just keep finding pictures of snow for my series until it ends? Should I find one static image to serve as a “cover” for the series, and post the same pic on top of every entry in the series?

I dunno.

I just wanted to acknowledge that yes, we are lacking covers for our little stories. Alas.


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