Snow and Smoke: Book One

So, no more Snow and Smoke! At least for a little bit. I have wrapped up “Book One.” There’s plenty more to tell; after all, the war in the Pits is just getting started, and there was a discovery far away that will dramatically shift that society. (Go back and look… I have the setup all done already!)

What of Aaron, Danal, Ffenyi and Djellian? I have no plans for them. They get a happy ending off in the sunset.


I’m talking with a friend, and he may take those characters and run with them. If that happens, we’ll work out plot together and deal with it from there.

And… you may or may not see more from Snow and Smoke on the blog. I’m not entirely sure if I want to continue this story idea in this format. I’ve received some encouragement to pursue the setting and characters in a novel and shop the idea around to publishers. I’d rather not scrap this beginning (though it would require heavy editing), so I’d have to first see if there’s a publisher willing to work with a novel that would only be… 50% new? That’s a hard sell.

So, we’ll see. I love this setting and want to write more in it, but I’m not sure what form that’ll take. So, at least for now, bid the world adieu. One way or another, it’ll be back, though!

Incidentally, that also means I’ll be posting less often on the blog. I’ll still be around, never fear! And I like this daily posting to tell a longer story, so I’ll hit that again soonish… but for a few weeks, I’ll be relatively scarce.


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