Sudden Drive, Sudden Life

Must… write… faster!

So, I’m getting published. Again. There’s something about an acceptance letter that just makes you go, “Man! I gotta write more!” (I’ll publish a link here when the story goes live.)

…but I’ve not been posting anything here. What gives?

I’ve been doing some poking around, and… well, I can’t say much, especially since nothing is formal. But my “writing time” won’t be able to show fruit here on the blog for a while. I hope to continue to post things like reviews and musings, but… I have sudden drive to be writing things that won’t be showing up here — at least not for a while. I’m hoping to still do “Flash Fridays” just because they’re so fun, but I really can’t promise much.

If I was ONLY writing “off the record,” I could probably still keep up here with other pursuits with regular posts. However, the month of June and the first half of July are CRAZY busy in my “real life” call as a pastor.

So, between crazy busy and other pursuits… basically, I’ll still be showing up here, but not often. I’ve taken these little breaks before, and I’ve always returned in short order. So I can say with confidence: I shall return!


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