Interlude: Totally as Planned

Last Monday was supposed to be a one-shot.

I was thinking in my head that I’d do a set of vignettes for the week, since I’m far more comfortable with short writing.  The more I write, the more plot holes and loose threads I see, and my compulsion to fix everything suffocates my desire to actually scribe the story.  So I put together a little scene with a sword in the water.  And then I asked myself, “Why is it there?”

Thus was the water goblin born.  Goblins are the cannon fodder of fantasy writing.  Want a horde of easily killed monsters?  Throw some goblins in.  I wanted goblins with a little more punch, so I gave it some way to fight.  Which, of course, means that it needed someone to fight.

Enter Valgard.  He didn’t have a name that first day; he was just a nameless father looking for his son’s sword.  His personality has come creeping out over the last two weeks.  I haven’t figured out if I like him yet or not.

The rest of the story popped up out of necessity.  After the first day I was told by multiple people that I just HAD to continue the story.  I went back, looked at what themes I could pull out of the first scene, and ran with it.

The difficulty I’m facing now is that it’s a real story – the exact kind of long-form writing I wanted to avoid.  Alas.  Still, it’s been an interesting exercise in creativity and I look forward to continuing with it as long as my schedule allows.

The astute reader may note at this point that I’m totally using this as my post for today instead of continuing the narrative.  The reason is simple – the campfire scene’s over in my head.  It refuses to continue, and I don’t want to extend it for no worthwhile reason.  I also don’t want to start up the third scene yet because it’s a holiday weekend and my authoring skills refuse to cooperate.

At any rate, I thank you faithful readers for encouraging my humble efforts.  Have a good weekend; I’ll see you next week.


3 thoughts on “Interlude: Totally as Planned

  1. I’ll be waiting on Monday to read more. And yes, don’t write a scene because “I need to fill space.” So this makes sense. 🙂

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