Interlude: Oh, Cruel Irony

I hope Jon’s doing better than I am…

So I’m planning out my English and writing curriculum today.  Part of what I do with the writing curriculum is a modification of NaNoWriMo, spread out over several months because I don’t want to utterly destroy my poor students.  And as I think about how I want to space things out and where to put which lesson when, I think about the story I’m composing.

The irony hurts.

See, I know what I want to do next.  This scene is one of the few that popped into my head as the story progressed from a vignette to a full-blown narrative.  I know how it’s supposed to go and what happens next.  Today is one of those days, though, where all the words flopping on the screen are atrociously out of place.

So for your sake, dear readers, I am granting myself a short reprieve.  I pray it is only one day whilst I get my brain back on the payroll, but your patience will be rewarded.

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