Interlude: Oh, Hey, I Remember You

That’s the last time I let me pick out the header picture.

All right, what have you learned from your impromptu week off?

My schedule is insane and random.

Yeah, you and everyone else.  Try again.

…I need to plan better if I’m actually going to write.

There we go.  Glad you were smart enough to cash that reality check.

Hey!  Last week there was the thing at church and the voters’ meeting and I had to watch the kids and –

Wah wah wah.  Were you thinking you’d always be able to cloister yourself away and write?  C’mon.  You’re not that stupid.

I was hoping.

Get over it.  You had an ambitious plan, you tried, you failed.  Dust yourself off and try again.

Fine.  You’re right.  But updates every day isn’t going to happen.

That’s fine.  Nobody asked for updates every day; you took that challenge up yourself.  How about a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule?

Meh, that’s fair.  If XKCD can pull it off, I should be able to.

And you need to be aware of your schedule and plan ahead.  So help me, if you use Thursday’s dentist appointment as an excuse to skip Friday I will put Celine Dion on repeat in your subconscious.

That’s low.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I’ll give you a head start, though, and let you count your internal dialogue as today’s work.

…waitaminute.  Don’t most people have internal monologues?

Yeah, most people do.  What’s your point?

Nothing, I guess.  Hey, can you find a header picture for me?

You sure you want me to do that?

You have no idea how much I hate finding pictures.

All right.  Just remember – you have only yourself to blame.

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