…is it dead?

That’s how you determine if it’s dead. So, if you want to find out if this blog is dead, poke your monitor with a stick. Seekingnewearth is not responsible for any damage done to your machine.

So, no posts here in a month. Even longer from me. What gives?

Frankly, I’m writing in overdrive… for a novel. And Brandon’s been busy with a novel, too. And Jeremiah Marshe, who graced with a great beginning to a nifty story? He’s a teacher. He’s teachalating now. Yes, that’s a word.

Does that mean that Seeking New Earth is dead?

I’ll let you make your own joke.

Well, I’m going to try to get back on here on a regular basis. For months now I’ve been posting about weekly on my other blog, Ordained for Growth. I think it’s time I make a similar commitment here. I’m almost done with the current draft of the novel, so I’m hoping to be back here, maybe even with some fiction. I’ll certainly have a review or two to post in coming weeks, as well.

No, we’re not dead. We’re certainly not as active here as once we were. As if you didn’t notice. 

But just because we’re not writing here… doesn’t mean we’re not writing! So, I’m coming back — but I expect on about a weekly basis. Until then, enjoy these science-fiction-y pictures.

Who can take a sunbeam…?

This picture is actually intended to be an idea started, and the article that goes with it makes me go, “Hm.” It’s a great prompt for an idea. I gotta say, though, the picture makes me want to see this as a musical.

I’m not entirely sure why, but images like this always make my imagination churn. There’s something about that shade of sky — not that it’s an alien sky, but it’s a shade that’s rife with possibilities. Why might meet under that tree, under that sky? Who might be there? What might be there? There is something about the hour of sunset that makes me wonder…

Here’s another one that catches me, though it’s more the concept than the photo itself. Imagine an endless parking garage… what purpose would it serve? Is it a tesseract — a pocket dimension — for the universe’s greatest casino? Or is it a parking garage for everywhere, and it’s always safe to park your car there? Then again, if you can access the parking garage from anywhere, why would you ever need another mode of transport — why not just teleport to your destination? If you have perfect teleporting technology, why would you ever need a parking garage? Or is that why this garage is empty — it’s now outdated technology?

So, there you go. A few little tidbits of ideas to get some juices flowing, if you needed some help. 🙂

Me? Well, after this novel, I have two more novel ideas I need to research… but you’ll see me here again, next week!

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