I pressed submit.

The novel has finished its fourth revision. It has grown up. It’s time to see if it can live in its own apartment without me or will come back and stay in my basement, eating Cheetos and fleeing from the light of day.

I lost the analogy somewhere in there.

Well, I’ve sent it away to the land of submissions, a strange land filled with fog and vicious editors. Well, they’re not all vicious. Some are quite nice. Anyway, it’s away, on its own, without my protection.

And the feeling is… strange. Brain broken. Leaking brains like margaritas on a hot sidewalk, bubbles with a salty rim.

I lost the analogy again. I need to stop doing that.

Anyway, it’s done. Project done. Which means, starting a week late, I can tackle NaNoWriMo. I’ll likely post my scrawlings here, so you’ll see what drivel comes out of me when I push more for wordcount than quality. Won’t that be fun?

So, prepare for lots more posts to come. You’ve been warned.

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