This year I tried valiantly to work my way through the famed NaNoWriMo of November. But alas! It was not to be! I came well short of the 50K word goal, clocking in at a scant 30K. Oh, the humiliation! Oh, the shame! I didn’t even have the excuse that Jon had, starting late! I started on time, and for a while I was clipping along at a decent rate! I even had one day where I went more than 5k words!

But the pressures of life and ministry and work and all that business got in the way, and eventually I realized it was hopeless. I would not be able to complete in time. I don’t get to obtain from NaNoWriMo a fancy digital certificate to post on my facebook wall and blog and access to the neat winner’s poster (that I would have to pay for…) or the neat winner’s shirt (that I would have to pay for…).

But wait! Does that mean all is lost? No, seekers, there is a silver lining! Becuase 30K words is actually a significant portion of a story that has been growing in my head all month long. And now that I’m into December, my life actually settles down a little, at least for a while.

The cool thing is that during November I was pretty disciplined when it came to avoiding time wasters during my free time. I knew that I could either sit and mess around on Facebook or play some silly video game, or I could write. Since I had a goal I wanted to stretch for, I focused on the writing. It isn’t that I didn’t play any little games or that I spent no time on Facebook, but I was a lot more disciplined. And I have found that after a month of that, I kind of want to keep it the way it is. I want to spend more time writing. It is a good habit, and it feels good.

So…. why am I sitting here blogging about it? Should I be writing? Yes! I am setting a new goal for myself, which is to actually finish this story – well, finish the first “book” of the story, because that’s how it is shaping out – by the end of December. Excelsior! Onward and upward! See ya!


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