Pyreman Burns Out!

…wait a second. I thought I had a whole week to keep writing. I was going to keep posting. What happened?!

Two things happened, one practical and outside my immediate control, and another that was totally and utterly my own fault.

First, I’m a pastor, and Advent happened. The number of church services from the last week of November until Christmas literally double, which sucks up a LOT of my time. And, while I love writing, ministry comes before it. I make no apologies for this; it’s the way things are. Hopefully, come January, I’ll have lots more time to write as ministry won’t be sucking up AS MUCH of my time.

Second, I seem to have slipped into my “READ MOAR” part of my cycle. I’ve noticed I’ll flip back and forth between “must write!” and “must read!” with no discernible timing or reason. I’ve ripped through several books and my “catch-up” stack of comics has begun to dwindle. I guess it was time for input!

And, besides that — Pyreman… stalled. NaNoWriMo, I’m told, means basically no planning ahead. Just write! And while I hadn’t yet painted myself into a corner, the story was NOT where I wanted it to be at that point. I’d finally gotten past set-up. I figure I was roughly a third-way into the novel. What I’ll likely do is start over and plan out the novel now that I know the main characters and figure out exactly how to achieve my goals; the entire “daughter of the coalmine owner” subplot was basically ignored, which is too bad, because it factors in a major way into my planned endgame.

So, you’ll likely see no more posts on Pyreman because I want to tackle it as a novel and not as “posts.”

In the next few days and weeks, you’ll likely see a number of reviews, and soon enough I’m sure I’ll swing back to “WRITE MOAR” which will lead to more fiction going up.

So, there you go! That’s the plan!

…for now, at least!


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