The Empty Shelf

This is not my shelf. There is no way I could get an empty shelf like that. I own too many books.

So, apparently I’m going to be reading a lot. A friend challenged me to the Empty Shelf Challenge. Basically, the idea is you clear off a shelf and every book you read this year goes on the shelf, until you fill up the shelf or fail miserably.

Except… I can’t do the challenge. There is no way to empty off an entire shelf. As it is, we have several piles of books that don’t fit on our shelves. (I should note my Bride has also jumped onto the challenge, which should add even more competitive flair for me.) (Yes. Competitive flair. Don’t judge me.)

So… I’m aiming to read 35 inches of books, which seems a respectable shelf length. I’ll measure the width of each book, or note which books I read, and try to stuff them onto a shelf at some later date — maybe about this time next year.

Would you care to join the challenge? Think you can do it?

There are down sides. If I really focus that much on reading… it’s a fair bet my writing time will suffer. I’ve mentioned before that I seem to go in cycles between writing and reading, and at the moment I’m in the reading part of that cycle. I’m in the midst of a fun book that Brandon recommended and then gave my family as a Christmas gift: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. I’m hoping to finish before the new year dawns. And at the moment… frankly, there isn’t much writing going on.

But there’s a definite upside: My reading will increase, and it’s always good to read more. I get to see more writing styles, and with how many books we own, it’s well past time for me to get going on reading them!

So, we’ll see what happens with this. Any which way, it’ll be fun!

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