The Best Christmas Present Ever

My Bride and I got ourselves a Christmas present. And while many of our friends just don’t get it, you will.

This is what we got:

Isn’t it cute?

And, seriously, it is the best thing we got this year. Or last year. Or possibly the best gift we’ve ever received, even better than our children.

They’ve been brats lately.

Can I interest in trading you some children for books?

OK, nevermind. Back on topic.

So, we got that thing. It’s called a Cue Cat. And then we got a lifetime subscription to Library Thing. (Incidentally, they also sell the Cue Cat.) What does all this do?

The Cue Cat scans the UPC on all our books and Library Thing will take that code, grab all the info from the Library of Congress, Amazon, and other sources, and create your own database of all your books. It lets you organize your collection, tag books, create sub-collections, all the normal database stuff. The ability to scan in the books instead of having to enter in every single entry separately is very handy, though. I highly recommend it. Check out the links.

And when people ask us what we’ve been doing since Christmas and we tell them we’re cataloging our books, we get pitying looks. And then we tell them that we really like it, then they just get weirded out. But you’re book people. You understand.

…and then we went to the used bookstore. Only twelve new books this time! That’s making progress, right?

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