Whither Fiction?

Wasn’t this blog about… um… Christians writing speculative fiction? Wasn’t this supposed to be about some people writing their speculative fiction that happened to be Christian? So, what happened to the fiction? What’s with all the reviews?

I’ve mentioned it before, but it appears I’m in the “READ MOAR” section of a cycle I run in. However, every review I write, I can feel a little pull… the time to write fiction again is coming, and it’s coming soon.

I’m going to try what I’ve done the last two Lenten seasons: Write a short daily fiction, simply exploring a world with no other goal than that. Just… explore the world. See where it takes me. In the end, maybe it’ll be a fully functional story. Or maybe it’ll just be a bunch of little stories. Who knows? The last two years I tried this it worked out well. I recently reread Nation of the Child and I’m still pretty proud, and Snow and Smoke turned out pretty well, all things considered.

I have no idea what’s coming this year… but I do know that the time is coming, and soon.

Let’s see where imagination takes us this year.

Maybe here? Who knows…

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