Systems in overload

Lately I have been doing a lot of writing. I have spent hours at my desk at work typing like a boss, and at home sitting on the couch on my laptop I am still going at it. But the stack of things that I need to work on writing keeps getting bigger.

Unfortunately, a major portion of what I’m writing doesn’t feel like it is all that interesting. Emails, proposals, updating Bible study materials (okay, that’s mostly interesting), and the like have consumed much of my writing time. I’ve been able to produce a handful of pieces for my ministry blog, and a few pieces for a separate ministry blog that I write for but don’t own. And I have actually managed to get in some creative writing here and there.

But I have a ton of projects waiting in the wings. To date, works in progress include four separate short stories, a devotional kit for Holy Week (editing my intern’s work on this one), a week-by-week devotional series for families based around Luther’s Small Catechism, a presentation on parenting, a proposal for a series of family education presentations next school year, and two novels. Yes, I am currently juggling two major story projects amidst the chaos, because my head would explode if I stuck to just one. Also, I have decided to up the pace on my ministry blog to three times a week.

All this is to say nothing of the ideas I have swimming in my head. I have all kinds of notions of short stories, novels, blog topics, and somewhere down the road I’d like to write a book about marriage. Those all seem so far off right now.

But I realized tonight how much I miss writing on this blog, reflecting on my life as a writer and the myriad ways I am using this talent (though the steady stream of rejections for my short stories is making me wonder how much talent there is…). In fact, I am writing this post more as a way to process than anything else. So, should I bite the bullet of insanity and recommit to a weekly posting on this blog? How long will that last?

Ah well. We shall see. I love the chaos of it all. I was in the sixth grade when I realized that I wanted to be a writer. The when and how and through what career has gone through its changes, though I’m very happy to be in the public ministry. I still find the written word the finest way by which I can express what is inside me.

Alright, ramble over. Time to get back to real life. Which is, in my case, a lot more writing.

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